Friday, March 18, 2016

The Son Of A Beatle Misses The Mark By A Mile

Minutes ago, a post appeared on my Facebook page bearing the following image.

It was posted by John Lennon's son, Julian.
Make no mistake, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Julian Lennon. He had to grow up in John's shadow. He endured the divorce of his parents. Paul McCartney wrote a freaking song about the boy! When he grew up and decided to become a singer/songwriter/musician... well, imagine the pressure to succeed he was under, even if it was pressure he placed upon himself. It had to be hellish and yet he had success; 'Valotte' and 'Too Late For Goodbye' were great songs by a promising artist. I don't know what happened after those songs were released and, other than the very occasional foray onto the U.S. Album Rock Radio charts, he pretty much vanished from view, as far as music is concerned. You can find out more about his life here.
This post is NOT about Julian Lennon but about his shitty attitude.
'I hope the next big trend in music is.......talent'?
Bitter much, Jules?
The fact that Egg Radio exists is proof positive that there is an incredible amount of talent in rock and roll, pop, R&B, World Music and Blues because we spend countless hours sifting through thousands of songs in order to present you with it. I hear hundreds and hundreds of songs that blast my brain and make me continue believing in the power of music. From the far reaches of the World Wide Web come artists with songs that NEED to be heard by everyone who cares about creativity and originality in popular music and it hurts me that Julian Lennon - of ALL people - is not above disrespecting those who toil in the shadows of giants in an effort to stand apart and move music in a forward direction.
Truthfully, Lennon's opinion matters little to me or to those who keep seeking out the tracks that keep the music we love moving forward... it is just insulting to me and to many others that Lennon has so little respect for the people who are pursuing the same goal that he tried and failed to reach.
If you make music? Never give up and never stop striving to achieve your goals. If you get no further than being the best goddamned band in your hometown?
You ARE a Rock Star.

I love you all,


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Riot GRRRLS And So Much More (Welcome Home... Stay Awhile)

As the battle against patriarchy and for equality surges forward, it seems like the right time to revisit a band that was in the forefront of the movement many long years ago.

Bikini Kill were, as the kids say, punk as FUCK...

...and what Kathleen HannaBilly KarrenKathi Wilcox, and Tobi Vail brought to the battle was a mixture of music, lyrics, vocals and attitude perfectly designed to shred ears and minds. It is with great pleasure that I've added 10 songs from the band's first two albums. If you want to know more, go to the website

I've added music that is beginning to define what Egg Radio wants to be, now that we are celebrating our eleventh birth day. Egg Radio is and has always been about equality, fairness, respect and decency for anyone who comes to listen. We have always featured bands and artists from every genre, race, creed, color and sexual orientation. No one who has ever visited this site has ever been treated as anything other than a fellow human being with real value. We love you... we always have and always we will. No matter what you may be dealing with in real life, 'Egg Island' is your home. 

David Bowie's 'Blackstar' is being received as it should be... an utter masterpiece and a wonderful gift for all who have always loved his work. There are five songs from the album now in the library, including 'Lazarus' and the title track. I also tossed in a few tracks from the wildly underrated 'Earthling' album, including the amazing bass n' drum workout of 'Little Wonder'. There's also a badassed remix video here.

What else? New music from Meg Myers, Supersuckers, Sturgill Simpson (the theme from the new HBO show 'Vinyl'), an incredible track from the Yawpers, Allie Goertz' track from the 'Rick and Morty' show and much, much more.

Egg Radio has been around for eleven years and we aren't going away. We love all and want to be your home for new and classic punk/funk/alternative tracks that you will hear no where else, be it on the radio or online. We appreciate your input and welcome your presence in our humble home. Click one of those 'Listen' links in the upper right column to hear what we're talking about.

Welcome home. Stay awhile, okay?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This Is Only A Test... Of Your Patience

The Egg Radio Server has had a great many issues as of late and our apologies go out to all who are frustrated by our lack of stability.
We are, as of now, looking for a new host and hoping that 2016 becomes the year that finds us, once again, fully self-sufficient. Internet radio isn't as easy and carefree as once it was but we believe that it is still worthwhile to maintain our presence and provide listeners with music that they might otherwise never hear.
We love you, we appreciate your patience and we want you to know that Egg Radio will be here for you when all others have faded.

Friday, January 22, 2016

This Is Happening Now

First, a word about David Bowie's death.
He was and will always be a hero to me and an inspiration to achieve what others might consider impossible. His humble beginnings in music, his many failures and false starts, never deterred him from carrying on, experimenting and seeking the right formula for success. He was Ziggy, the Duke, the Berlin Derelict, the Pop Star and, finally, Lazarus. He gave us his 'Sound + Vision' until, quite literally, the day that he ascended into the Heaven of his own making. The world is a lesser place without his genius and I will forever miss his presence in this world.

Now, a word about the future of our much beloved Egg Radio.
AJ and Jennifer
It was not long ago that the supremely gigantic and heartless devourer of all that is good, Vivendi Music, purchased ShoutCast - the company which hosts the Egg Radio stream. Rumor is that Vivendi is going to shut down almost every indie radio station broadcasting on ShoutCast, including ours. Upon hearing the news, I sought out the guidance of our good Captain, AJ Gentile, asking if Egg Radio's 11 year run was coming to an end on January 31st... and he assured me that, one way or another, our little radio station would survive. He is my friend and my brother and I knew that he would stand with us.

Finally? I haven't forgotten you, The Egg or the mission we have been on since 2005. While I have to apologize for being absent from this page, I have been adding music and, in the last three days, have uploaded over 900 new songs to the Egg Radio playlist. You will never get tired of a single track because there are thousands to listen to.

Rock music continues splintering into a million sub-genres while maintaining the identity of 'Rock And Roll' and I am thrilled to continue introducing new music from both new and established artists. You'll be hearing Bowie's new tracks, music from Savages 'Adore Life', brand new PJ Harvey tracks, Bloc Party, Iggy Pop's new project with Josh Homme, Broncho, EL VY and hundreds more. We will be here for you, providing music from artists who may never get the sort of mainstream exposure that could make them famous but deserve to be heard and appreciated by those with adventurous hearts, minds and ears.