Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hey. Hi. Long Time No See.

Yep. Been a VERY long time since last I posted. Clinical depression will do that to ya.
I didn't want to post anything about why I wasn't posting, so I just sorta let it slide on by and... well, y'know?
It took the death of Robin Williams to make me wake up and realize that depression does need to be discussed and those who suffer need to come in to the light so as to make people aware that it can lead to suicide. To learn more, please take time to read this article and (hopefully) save a life.

I'm happy to announce that I've been busily collecting music and just today added 266 new songs to the Egg Radio library. Great stuff, I might add (ever so humbly opining). Arcade Fire, The Pack AD, St. Vincent, Supersuckers, Tweens... jeez, 2014 has been such a great year for new music and we have it represented.
I hope you'll listen for an hour or two. You'll like it, I promise!

And... I'm back to posting on a regular basis, so check back, okay!

All the love,

Doc S.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Band Alert - Menace Beach

Photo via Stereogum.
I get VERY excited when I hear a 'newish' band that fulfills the indie rock credo as convincingly as Menace Beach. It is fuzzed out bliss and much more fun than anything you'll hear on terrestrial radio these days.
Read what Stereogum has to say and then listen to Drop Outs, Fortune Teller and the latest blast, Tennis Court - which is what the Pixies MIGHT have done if Frank hadn't pushed Kim out of the band... again.
Tennis Court is from a double a-side single being released by the 'Memphis Industries' label and I think that you'll love this in an old-school loyalist kind of way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NEW MUSIC, Y'all! (And A Brief Rant)

 Boy Howdy sez:
"If it ain't from the 70's? It ain't sheeeit."
Thanks to the whole social media thing, I have a huge number of 'friends'.
I would say that 99% of my 'friends' are pretty decent human beings and a decent number of those beings are like family.
It's the 1% among the group that I'm having issues with and it is time to address those issues... so, here's some real talk.
I LOVE rock and roll and have since I was just a wee lad. I was born in the same year that Bill Haley and the Comets released 'Rock Around The Clock', so you can imagine how much of rock music's incredible history I have been lucky enough to live through. I've also been blessed with a love for artists who never stop pushing forward, experimenting, improvising, trying and failing and trying and succeeding. I am forever and always in awe of artists who can open up new musical boundaries and present brilliant takes on music that is influenced by other cultures and nationalities because a) they took a chance and succeeded and b) they prodded me to step forward and seek out the artists by whom they were influenced. Just as, in an earlier time, when British bands led me to Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson and Elmore James, so it was that later on The Police led me to real reggae, while Peter Gabriel and The Talking Heads introduced me to African music and culture.
The point is that rock and roll is and always has been about change and the power to make you rethink your opinions of music.

Jack White can PLAY this guitar!
(Courtesy The Great Sara Bowersock)
That said... back to my 'friends'.
I have many more than a few who, when I post about new artists, make a lot of snide and disparaging comments about said artists. I can understand their bitterness... to a degree. Most of them are musicians who grew up during the peak of the 'Blooz & Boogie' era of the 70's and their cover bands can't find gigs any more because a) they're all as old or older than me, b) their audiences don't hang out in bars anymore and c) the music is just plain boring to most who didn't grow up with it. Does a 22 year old want to hear some 60 year old hacks playing 40 to 50 year old songs?
I understand the frustration. If you jumped off of the musical merry-go-round in 1960/70/80, it's cool because you have a right to dislike current music! Your opinion doesn't affect me at all... well, except when you are posting on my social media sites and saying that you dislike and disrespect the artists that I greatly admire. Sure, you have the right to post your opinion! I also have the right to delete your nonsensical ramblings and boot you from my friends list. Look, I know that your musical tastes are captured in amber and I respect your stubborn determination to live in the era of fuzz, phase shifter and wah-wah pedals... but, since I don't go to your page and crap on your music, don't come to my page and crap on mine.

And now... NEW MUSIC! 212 New Songs from an incredible array of artists. There are way too many to list here but some of the VERY best new tracks come from St. Vincent, Jack White, Supersuckers, EMA, JD McPherson, The Pack A.D., Those Darlins, Dum Dum Girls, Franz Ferdinand, Phantogram, Queens of the Stone Age, Afghan Whigs, Tweens and so many, many more.
Go! Now! Listen! Click one of the media player icons on the upper right hand side of the page and discover what you've been missing from your life, okay?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Egg Radio - Music You Didn't Know You Wanted To Hear Until You Hear It

I am VERY bad at selfies.
I am back, feeling better and ready to rant.It won't be long now before the love of my life, Egg Radio, celebrates Birthday #10.
It has been through many, many changes since February, 2005 but what has NEVER changed is the commitment to showcasing the best, brightest, most interesting, engaging and - occasionally - challenging music to be found on the internet or anywhere else in the world of media and we've told you that...again and again.
Time to tell you what we are not.

We are NOT Spotify, Pandora or any other streaming service that claims to have One BILLION songs to stream at your leisure. The Egg Radio Library has about 3,600 titles. How does that make us better? It means that 9,999,996,400 steaming pieces of crap aren't flowing into your ears because some weird computer algorithm calculated that, based on a few choices you've made, it just knows what you want to hear.
Horse. Shit.

Robert Johnson WILL kick yer ass, son.
Egg Radio doesn't try to play what you want to hear... we play the music that you need to hear. We play the artists that haven't taken the last step toward fame and try to help push them along,
Y'know what else we are not? Genre-Biased. When you listen to the Egg, expect to hear an occasional blues tune from Muddy, the Wolf or B.B. You'll hear an Alt-Country tune from brand new artists such as Lydia Loveless or Holland Marie.

You'll hear classic punk, New Wave and old school Glam Rock.
It is music you didn't know you wanted to hear until you hear it. Our library is full of artists that were once incredibly obscure. You know, weirdo bands like Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Black Keys and lots of other bands that no one had ever heard of... until we decided that they were going to be huge. No, we didn't make them famous but we were playing their music on a regular basis WAYYYYYY back in the day because we heard great music and just knew that these were artists who would go on to great things. We are still doing the same thing, almost ten years later. We scour the internet for stories and streams so that we can use the ears and brains of radio pros to determine exactly what does (and, more importantly) does not belong on Egg Radio. We are giving you a look and listen into the future and it is a labor of love. (Non-Profit! No Commercials!)
Lydia Loveless might NOT kick yer ass.
Egg Radio is NOT Gender-Biased.
Women make astounding, amazing, power-house music and the Egg Radio Library is getting VERY close to being 50/50 as far as the ratio runs between male/female artists. In addition, we step way back to feature bands such as Fanny, The Runaways and many other women who helped pave the way to where we are today. Without featuring women who rock (and folk and country) we wouldn't be nearly as good as we are now. Dum Dum Girls, The Kills and so many other brilliant and talented women make Egg Radio the station to listen to for the very best of the amazing women who rock.
And NOW, finally...
When the Egg was a mere chicklet, we were among the very few online radio stations. It wasn't odd to have 1200+ listeners throughout the day. We were also among the pioneers of interactive radio. We made use of the now very old school php message boards and had an incredibly active, very lively, very intelligent and funny group of members who would just camp out there to listen and ramble, make jokes, insult outsiders and form long, strong and lasting friendships. We had 'Egg Gatherings' which were parties where members would drive or fly across the country to attend and spend a few days drinking, s******g and never regretting a thing.
Nothing is solid, yet... but it just might be time to go old school and bring back the good times.
Details later. PHP might be involved. Ya never know whatcha never know.

I haven't been slacking! No fewer that 265 songs being added to the library in the next few days. LOTS OF NEW! You WILL LIKE!
Thanks for listening, thanks for reading and I do love everyone of you crazy fuckers.