Monday, December 9, 2013

Tragedy (Kinda) And Triumph (Sorta)

My deepest apologies for failing to update this blog in months but... I have an excuse of sorts.

Many months back, after trawling through a gawd-awful amount of music (around 2,000 titles) I had filled a folder full of fantastic songs. Honestly, it was going to be the greatest group of songs ever added to the Egg Radio library and I couldn't wait for you to hear them. All that I needed was a copy of Adobe Audition (my first choice for editing songs... I lost mine when I bought the new PC) and they would be ready to go.

I know not how or why but, in the process of setting up the computer and transferring files, I lost the folder. It vanished and all of the work that went into putting the file together went  for nothing.

I felt as if I had been crushed. I searched every available file on the old and the new computer and on my back-up drives but to no avail. All 210 songs had just disappeared.

For awhile, I didn't write... didn't search for new music... didn't much care.

After a while, I realized how silly it was to sit around a mourn a lost file. I went back to work. I went back to the websites that provide the music which is added to Egg Radio and began the long slog through more than 2,000 titles and started rebuilding the lost file. Some of the songs are lost forever but, over the last couple of months, a lot of great new songs have been released and I am building a file which I hope will be better than the one which was lost.

I've mentioned before that Egg Radio is a purely non-profit labor of love, commercial free from day one in 2005 until the present and it will always be so... that said, please be patient as my 'day job' helps me keep the bills paid. I'll post as often as I can and I love each and every one of you!

Doc S.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bonus Tracks? BONUS TRACKS!

Flipping around the folders, I found one that I had forgotten.

Nestled inside were tracks from Smashing Pumpkins (y'know, the good stuff), Pack a.d., Tedo Stone, Missing Monuments (fantastic band), Hunters, Hanni el Khatib and Four Tet.

I'd like to think that I'm a genius... truth be told, I'm just forgetful and I'm glad that I stumbled across these tracks.

You'll like what you hear!


(PS: Click one of those player links and listen!)

Friday, July 26, 2013

It Ain't Chicken And Dumplings, Y'all

I usually save these rants for the 'New Year's Mission Statement' but some of the e-mails and Facebook messages I get have caused me to tense up and get serious about something I've been trying to explain for awhile now.

The gist of these communiques is this: 'Who ARE these bands? I've never heard of them'.

Well, no shit.

Egg Radio isn't Pandora. It isn't Spotify. It isn't like any other online radio station because it doesn't spoon-feed 'comfort food' music to the listeners. It isn't here to play songs that you know and love. It is here to challenge you, to possibly offend you and for the most part, raise your awareness of the incredible array of music available that you will not hear anywhere else. It isn't hard to listen to, if you open your ears and your mind to what is possible in the new world of internet music marketing. Bands have gotten smarter, they are avoiding the major labels and going the indie route... which means that the internet is overflowing with mp3 and video choices that make it possible for the newest, most daring artists to become well known.

We at Egg Radio have taken it upon ourselves to sift through the massive amount of music being released on a daily basis and do our best to figure out which tunes are best suited to our listeners.

Yeah... you're gonna hear a lot of new and unfamiliar music. You're gonna hear a lot of music that challenges you aesthetics and may even make you wonder if we're batshit crazy. You're gonna end up thinking that this music is actually... pretty damned good. It grows on you, worms its way into your brain and makes you wanna hear it again.

We've been at this since AJ Gentile put it on the ethernet waves in 2005 and we're still here. We must be doing something right.

So... y'know... thanks, y'all!

Now, on to new music. Whatta haul we've got this week!
There's a ton of new artist tracks to listen for. Lex Land, Kentucky Knife Fight, The House of Jed, Briar Rabbit and many others. Good stuff from Calexico, Stephen Merritt (covering a Peter Gabriel classic), Fiona Apple's 'Hot Knife', Franz Ferdinand and a new track from Holy Ghost. Fidlar is back with the great punk track 'Cheap Beer' and Elvis Costello teamed up with the Roots for a very spooky track called 'Walk Me Uptown'. There's a LOT more, so listen up, (hopefully) enjoy and let us know if you like what you hear.
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Your Opinion Matters.

Doc S.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ain't it the truth, y'all?
Not all that long ago... okay, it was the 80's... there was a time when I thought rock and roll music was wheezing along, ready to give up the ghost and die. Everything was being filtered through Fairlight synths; drum machines were being used to excess and it all sounded exactly the same. Processed, pasteurized cheese product. The machines had won... or so I thought.

As it turns out, rock and roll can't die.

As long as there are kids, guitars, bass and drums, rock and roll will continue to grow and evolve into newer and ever more fascinating genres and sub-genres. What I most love is how the machine world and the organic crew merged forces in the late 1980's. You can have all the synth you want, as long as it's grounded by human beings playing real instruments. This joining of forces has led to an exceptionally fertile time for music and I'm glad that Egg Radio can help promote the fact. Many of the 20 songs added today reflect that 'joining of forces' and I'm quite proud to say that you're really going to like these.

This time, we have punk from 7 Seconds and Fidlar, a new one from Yo La Tengo (one of my favorite  highly underrated bands), brand new Moby (with Mark Lanegan on the vocal), this year's festival 'buzz band' METZ, new Johnny Marr and Arctic Monkeys tracks and some stone classics from Leonard Cohen and Radiohead. Oh! New music from Yuck, Matt Pond and Local Natives, as well as classics from Divine Fits. So, yeah... sifting through all of the detritus that finds its way to the intertoobs is often worthwhile and thanks to Egg Radio, all you have to do is listen.

Do us a favor and tell a pal about The Egg. Commercial-Free, non-profit and here for just one reason: We wanna rock yer hell damn ass off.