Monday, April 25, 2011

Roughhausen Deliver The Goods In Studio And On Stage

I missed Roughhausen's Tulsa show at Eclipse a few months ago but, thanks to the lovely Katherine De Sade, I've been thoroughly introduced to the band's powerful, hybrid Electro-Industrial Punk Rock and become a huge fan of Jeff Stoddard's latest project. The former Front Line Assembly guitarist has, over the last few years, honed and hardened the sound of the band and chosen musicians who can make it happen in the studio AND on stage, putting on a powerful show. If you'd like to enjoy the experience, Roughhausen is offering a limited edition U.S. Tour CD, which you can order right here. Only 150 of the original 500 CD pressing are still available and, as the proud owner of one, I highly recommend grabbing one as a collector's item as well as a damned fine documentary of a band just hitting it's stride with a lot more to come.
And if you haven't been lucky enough to hear Roughhausen on Egg Radio, let me give you a chance to really sample the band's work!

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