Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Egg Radio Blog Will Soon Turn Six!

On June 22nd,  this blog (our little piece of the internet) will be six years old. We've published something like 250 posts but each one was written by hearts full of passion for the music we broadcast and the listeners who have supported Egg Radio since 2005. We are very proud to have survived so much chaos and craziness through the years, celebrating friends made and (sadly) lost as time passed, and we are grateful for every second spent doing our very best to keep you entertained and informed about artists you might not otherwise know. We've been very fortunate to have so many readers, as well. Check out the stats on the right. Sure, 82,000 doesn't seem like that many... but, for a little old internet station, it averages almost 14,000 views annually and we're okay with that! We have and we will always be about the one art form we love above all others: Music lifts the spirit, frees the soul, expands horizons and gives us comfort in every situation.
The internet was still kinda new when Egg Radio was born but, even after (nearly) twelve years online, we have lost not an ounce of passion for this project. It is a labor of love from us to you.
Have a fantastic 2017!


  1. This is - by far - the most eclectic and far-reaching music website on the entire internet. A sonic panoply, clearly created by a brilliant polymath. If an object like this could be described as "gorgeous", eggradio would fit the definition.

  2. If your comment is sincere (as opposed to sarcastic) great thanks and appreciation.