Saturday, February 11, 2017

Where Has The Music Gone?

Their Most Recent Issue
I recall a time, not so long ago, when there was a proliferation of websites devoted to sharing the music of regional and even nationally recognized indie rock bands and performers. There were so many that there was a sub-genre of music known (amusingly) as 'Blog Rock'. The blogs provided a treasure trove of indie rock styles with bands such as Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, TV On The Radio and Fleet Foxes leading the charge. At various times, I was sampling as many as five-hundred songs per week. Alas, something changed over the last 24 months as most of those wonderful blogs began to disappear, providing fewer options for relatively unknown artists to get their music heard and loved by new fans. One of the relatively reliable (in terms of quality and output) is a relative old-timer, having first appeared in 2006.The Indie Rock Playlist is still an invaluable resource to those who want to know what's happening outside the music mainstream.
I'm not sure if there was outside pressure applied to any blogs or if the grind of compiling and producing the blogs became too much for the publishers. Maybe the sheer number of blogs competing for page views caused many to shut down. Unfortunately, there isn't much documentation on any aspect of these blogs; all I know is that the large number of links I have are of no use.
We will continue striving, scouring the web for the best new music and we will continue presenting it. Meanwhile, if you have a favorite source for indie rock (legal) downloads, comment below.
Long Live Rock

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